Sustainable Guernsey Farming

Our goal at Orgeris Organics is to produce sustainable, locally-grown food crops for the Guernsey community. We follow organic principles of food production and employ a 'minimal-dig' method of cultivation in order to preserve the structure of the soil, which we believe is the key to producing healthy plants.

We also feel that we are just ‘caretakers’ of the land and that we have a duty to look after it and to manage it in ways that can include (rather than exclude) our native wildlife and promote biodiversity. In doing this we hope to contribute to the conservation of our natural environment, and its resources, for the benefit of present and future generations (of all living creatures).


Most modern, large-scale, commercial farming practices are economically unsustainable and require heavy subsidies from governments in order to be viable and our own failed horticulture industry in Guernsey is a testament to that fact.

Furthermore, we have come to realise that many of these practices have also been environmentally unsustainable and have contributed significantly to the degradation of our natural environment, putting future food production at risk.

However, we do have a choice about how we grow our food. Farming approaches, such as organic, no-dig, biodynamic and permaculture do provide us with more environmentally sustainable alternatives to food production. In fact, some contemporary farming methods, such as bio-intensive market gardening in North America are also demonstrating that food production can be highly profitable on small-scale farms when producing for the local community.

At Orgeris Organics, we feel passionate about locally-grown food and truly believe that Guernsey can still have a successful growing industry and that it can be a sustainable one, producing high quality, fresh produce for the island. Unfortunately, at this present time, there is no financial support available for such farming enterprises from local Government in Guernsey and no incentives to grow organically. However, we don't want to be dissuaded from doing something which we believe is worthwhile, so in 2017 we started our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme, which gives local people the opportunity to support what we are doing.

Community Supported Agriculture

We are looking for individuals, couples and families to become part of our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme. Participants purchase a share of the season's harvest upfront which enables us to plan the growing season ahead and finance the season's set up costs. A share will entitle you to a certain number of boxes of vegetables during the season, determined by the size of share purchased.

Your boxes of vegetables will be delivered directly to your door each week and the contents will vary throughout the season. All produce will be locally-grown and freshly-picked on the day of delivery.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to pick and choose what goes into your box each week as it won’t be practical. You will just receive a share of whatever is available that week. However, if there are vegetables that you don't eat, then please let us know and we will try and accommodate you in order to avoid waste.

How it works

The 2018 CSA scheme will run for 26 weeks from mid April to mid October. There are a choice of 3 different types of share, reflecting the main types of household (Individual, Couple & Family). In order to give more flexibility to participants, we have decided to offer different sizes of share for 2018, so you can now choose either a 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 week share. The bigger the size share that you buy, the bigger the discount that you will get on the normal cost of a box. Whatever size share you buy, you are making a commitment to receive that number of veg box deliveries during the season (see our refund policy for more information).

We will also be offering a Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) option this year for those people who are unable to buy a share upfront. Please note however that the CSA scheme will get priority on the weekly harvest, so only a limited number of PAYG boxes will be available each week. These will have to be purchased weekly online and will be subject to availability at the time.

Prices below are for the 2018 CSA veg box scheme.
Share Size Share type
Small (Individual) Medium (Couple) Large (Family)
No. veg boxes Discount Share price Cost per box Share price Cost per box Share price Cost per box
(PAYG only) 1 0%   £15.00   £20.00   £25.00
5 2.5% £73.13 £14.63 £97.50 £19.50 £121.88 £24.38
10 5.0% £142.50 £14.25 £190.00 £19.00 £237.50 £23.75
15 7.5% £208.13 £13.88 £277.50 £18.50 £346.88 £23.13
20 10.0% £270.00 £13.50 £360.00 £18.00 £450.00 £22.50
25 12.5% £328.13 £13.13 £437.50 £17.50 £546.88 £21.88